MFC (21 Current Members):
Top Row:        Craig Heiser;  Matt Blackmon (Former); Mike Maggi; Andy Turner
Middle Row:   Mark McNulty; Mark Murdock; Steve Robinson;  P. Michael Gandolfo III;
                           Gene Brumbelow;
Bottom Row:   Peter Vescovo; Jeff Miers, Don Vrba; Greg Watkins; Todd Riddle (Former); Ken
    Nibling (Former); John "Pro" Phillips
MFC (Members Emeritus):
The participants falling under this category, while not holding full rights to the MFC, are folks of unique accredidation, and deserve special recognition.  Each of these 3 members have made a significant impact to the organization, and subsequently have received the lifetime designation of "Member Emeritus."

Walter Smedley III
(Ozone Club)
Carl Berlinger
(Ozone Club)
Greg Wood
"Woody Cup"
MFC (Former Members):
Since our inception on October 19th, 2005, the MFC membership has ebbed & flowed.  Corporate relocations, stretched time commitments and the like have all served to seperate us from these fine men.  However, while they cannot be here with us in Houston, their once full member status will always be remembered here.

  • Kevin Scroggins (2006)
  • Ric Booth
  • Wes Youngblood (2006)
  • Waddy Hammond (2006)
Not pictured above: Eric Lauritzen; Tim "Big Daddy" Colson; Terry Luttrell, Greg Mondshine
                                Craig Vanderschoor; Paul Primavera; Ronny Byrd; Taylor Johnson
Don Ashley
(Ozone Club)