Competition 1:  "Champion of the Day"

The MFC membership convenes 5x/year at various courses in the Houston area as chosen by the Club President.  Each of these handicapped events will ultimately crown our "Champion of the Day."  This Champion will then be presented with our rotating trophy...a hickory-shafted, 24k gold plated putter handmade by Angus MacKay of Perrsyville, Ohio. 
“Champion Golfer of the Day” is engraved on the hickory shaft.

All players in attendance will earn "Ozone" production points.  These earned points will accumulate throughout the season ultimately determining our MFC Champion of The Year.

Competition 2:  "Majors"

Master's Friday:
Each year, the MFC hosts two MAJOR events.  The first is held on Master's Friday, and represents the Genesis of this group.  This Major began in 1998, but official records were not kept until 2005.  During this all-day event, the Club opens up the guest list, and invites credentialed, non-members to participate.  The format consists of an 18-hole round with a "partner switcheroo" at the turn, and has included various competitive games (Scramble, Shamble, Shizzletm).  Each player keeps his own Gross score, and combines it with his 2 chosen (Non-Tiger) PGA professionals who are simulataneously competing in Augusta. 
Click for Full Master's Friday Scoreboard.

**Production points are assessed a 0.5x multiplier for this Major to account for what some might regard as a competition immersed with"non-traditional"," yet USGA sanctioned, formats
(I.e. The PGA Element, the Switcheroo and the Shizzle).**

Our prior Master's Friday Champions can be seen in The Trophy Room.

The Woody Cup:
The second Major of the season is "The Woody Cup."  This event is held in Jacksonville Texas (3 hours NE of Houston) and played at the regionally renowned resort of Pine Dunes.  The event was founded to honor Greg Wood and is hosted by current MFC member, Gene Brumbelow.  This overnight gathering is anchored by our late-night congregation in the courtyard of the only stay-and-play facility on the grounds.  Typical events include unlit pitching contests to the 18th Green, Custom ordered Pappas cuisine served fireside while watching whatever NCAA contest is aired on the mobile projector screen, all blanketed in stories that would make Pinnochio blush...or most anyone else for that matter. 

*Production points are assesed a 1.5x multiplier for this Major.* *

Our prior Woody Cup Champions can be seen in The Trophy Room.

     The "Currently Unnamed" Final Major of the Year:
The Third and final Major of the season is the "Currently Unnamed Final Major of the Year."  This event's Genesis was birthed in July 2012 at the Top 100 resort of Bandon Dunes along the Oregon coast.  This Major coincided with our club's departure from the Calendar Year season, and now represents 'Glory's Last Chance' as our MFC seasons now run August through July.  In order to successfully accomodate the logistics of such a long distance trip, 13 of our then 16 members were provided flight accomodations on Air-Maggi. 
In years following, this Major was moved to other, more logistically feasible locations.    

Our prior "Currently Unnamed Final Major" Champions can be seen in The Trophy Room.

Competition 3:  "MFC Champion of the Year"

The MFC player, who earns the highest number of participation & production points during the Calendar year, will be crowned the Champion of the Year.  The current & past point standings are available for review on our "Order of Merit" spreadsheet.  The reward for such a prestigious honor is the coveted "Ozone Cup" (aka: The Comfort Cup) which has been gifted to the MFC, via Deed, by The Ozone Club
Local Pennsylvania lore has it that William Penn himself used to toast victory with this same chalice in the early 17th Century.
The men of The MFC offer their debt of gratitude for such a valuable heirloom here

Our prior MFC Champions can be seen in The Trophy Room.

*Only MFC Members in Good Standing are eligible to win this award*
Competitions Defined
The Green Jacket
The Woody Cup
The Ozone Cup